Follow the River is a collaborative work from two life-long friends who share passion of adventure, conservation and documentation of the earth's wild places. We now offer a range of expeditions offered around the globe you can join the team and Follow the River. Combining their years of experience you can join them and travel to rarely seen corners of the globe with local knowledge, expert instruction and all the hard work done for you.




Lachie is passionate about the worlds wild places, photography and conservation. Having devoted his life to rivers of the world Lachie has been lucky enough to paddle on every continent bar Antarctica. His adventures have not gone unnoticed being awarded; Australian Geographic Young Adventurer of the year for 2012, Outer Edge and Wild Magazine Young Adventurer of the year for 2010.


Lachie has worked as a Guide and Adventurer across the globe, from Nepal to British Columbia. Lachie’s adventures are well documented but on a professional front he has worked primarily as a guide, photographer and instructor.




Jules is passionate about rivers and adventure. At 25 years old he has paddled all over the globe, completed an impressive number of first descents and won some of the hardest races in the world, but what he prefers is long and committing big water expeditions.


Jules’s goal isn’t just performance, for a few years now he has been focusing on sharing his passion with others, by organizing guided kayak tours and multiday expeditions in Canada and Colombia. His experience on the river makes him an invaluable coach able to increase people’s confidence and to explain simply all the secrets of white water. Conscience to the degradation of the environment, he now dedicates more and more time to the protection of the rivers he loves.